research program and aims


I am fascinated by the unique chemistry that biological systems use to survive harsh environments. My research uses informatics to unite classical analytical and organic chemistry with emerging high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies to understand the molecular structures, biosynthesis, and evolution of plant chemicals. My goal is to use this approach to develop and apply new knowledge about chemical biology to sustaining and improving human life.

course units and mentoring


One of the most enjoyable parts of studying plant chemistry is the interdisciplinary nature of the work. This characteristic greatly facilitates the integration of research, teaching, and learning. I consistently strive to bring learners into the laboratory and to bring research into the classroom. As part of this, I take advantage of plants' presence in our everyday lives to develop teaching materials that can be adapted for use both inside and outside the classroom; both in formal, advanced educational settings, and in public, family-friendly events.

Analytical Chemistry in the Age of Genomics